my goals for 2013

Here are my goals for 2013. I organize them into multiple subtopics because it helps me feel like I have more of a handle on the different facets of my life.

Writing Goals
1. Write! 400 words. Every day. No excuses. {I wrote more than 146,000 words this year, but I’m still working on establishing a solid writing routine… I’ll consider this goal halfway checked}
2. Revise thesis manuscript and send to agent. {Getting there… still revising, don’t want to rush the process!}
3. Complete YA manuscript.
4. Resubmit story collection to prizes & small presses.
5. Write a new one-act play.
6. Write a full-length play. {Started, but not completed}
7. Finish Verna novella & put out as an ebook. {Didn’t get around to this one}
8. Write three blog posts a week.
9. Read three short stories a week.
10. Read 40 books by end of year.

Write On! For Literacy Goals
1. Send out a newsletter every other month. {Sent out 3 newsletters, not 6}
2. Teach a summer writing camp.
3. Teach a winter writing camp.
4. Teach a college essay writing camp.
5. Speak to 10 classes/orgs/radio shows.
6. Make Pimple an ebook.
7. Hold a Holiday Book Drive.
8. Compile writing camp ebook/online program. {Still working on this!}

Professional Goals
1. Apply to fellowships & Ph.D. programs.
2. Submit to a literary magazine every other week.
3. Submit a query for a freelance article every month. {Sent out 8, not 12}
4. Apply to at least 3 conferences/workshops.
5. Submit to Literary Awards.
6. Update & expand teaching website.
7. Put 10% of every paycheck into savings.
8. Put $1,000 into Roth IRA at end of year.

Healthy Life Goals
1. Exercise/yoga at least 3 days a week. {Started doing zumba, too!}
2. Do core work 6 days a week. {Still working on making this a habit}
3. Stretch every day. {Working on this}
4. Meditate at least 3 days a week. {Currently once a week and building up to more}
5. Continue with meal planning & healthy cooking schedule.
6. Clean apartment every weekend.
7. Chronicle weekly acts of kindness on blog.
8. Send a card/letter to Gramps every other week.
9. Call Grandma & Grandpap every other weekend. {I’m living with them now … crazy how much can change in a year!}
10. Count my blessings every night.

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