my goals for 2015

Writing Goals
1. Log at least 10 hours of writing time every week.
2. Sign with a literary agent.
3. Complete new novel manuscript.
4. Complete four new short stories.
5. Write a full-length play.
6. Complete eight new nonfiction pieces.
7. Finish Verna novella & put out as an ebook.
8. Write 150 blog posts.
9. Read at least 50 short stories.
10. Read at least 40 books.

Write On! For Literacy Goals
1. Send out six newsletters.
2. Publish new edition of Dancing With The Pen.
3. Teach a Summer Writing Camp.
4. Teach a Winter Writing Camp.
5. Compile Writing Camp ebook/program
6. Hold a Holiday Book Drive.

Professional Goals
1. Publish collection of essays.
2. Send out 52 submissions.
3. Send 52 charming notes.
4. Revamp website.
5. Publicity: 10 talks/blog posts/radio shows.
6. Put $1,000 into Roth IRA at end of year.

Healthy Life Goals
1. Exercise three days a week.
2. Do core work five days a week.
3. Stretch every day.
4. Meditate three days a week.
5. Smoothie and/or salad every day.
6. Send a card/letter to Gramps every month.
7. Complete Year of Simplicity challenge.
8. Pray & count my blessings every night.

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