my story

I always feel happier, more calm and less stressed, when my space is neat and free of clutter. I once read that the average person wastes 40 minutes a day — 40 minutes every day! — looking for things they have misplaced. I don’t know about you, but I for one don’t want to waste my time that way!

In the past, my organization habits tended to look like this: a day-long cleaning phase where I’d get my apartment straightened up pretty well… but two days later it would start to look cluttered again, and the hectic pace of daily life would sweep away any progress I attempted to make. It was difficult for me to find the time or money to get organized in a meaningful and permanent way.

Finally, I discovered the freedom of living simply. The less stuff I have, the less I stuff I need to keep organized.

Change doesn’t need to happen overnight. I focused on little, inexpensive changes, one day at a time. I hope that my progress might inspire you, too!


project list:

– tea organized
– greeting cards
– necklaces
– the linen closet
– toiletries organized
– pots & pans cabinet
– key hooks
– brown sugar bear
– flour & sugar storage
– take-out menus
– quick bathroom organization
– under-the-sink & plastic bag organization
– quick freezer organization
– homemade photo collage poster
– meal planning whiteboard
– school paper organization
– coupon envelope

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