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Here are the archives from my Year of Kindness Challenge:
– week 1 challenge: donate items to those in need
– week 2 challenge: leave quarters & note at laundry machine
– week 3 challenge: write & send a kind handwritten note
– week 4 challenge: give hot chocolate to someone outside in the cold
– week 5 challenge: do something kind for a neighbor
– week 6 challenge: deliver valentines to a nursing home
– week 7 challenge: donate to a food pantry
– week 8 challenge: donate toiletries to a shelter
– week 9 challenge: post a kind note in a public place
– week 10 challenge: do something kind for a child
– week 11 challenge: thank someone in a genuine & meaningful way
– week 12 challenge: deliver baked goods to a fire station
– week 13 challenge: give someone flowers
week 14 challenge: donate books
week 15 challenge: spend meaningful time with someone you otherwise don’t see
week 16 challenge: smile at everyone you meet
week 17 challenge: pick up litter/trash
– week 18 challenge: write a kind note to a mom figure in your life
week 19 challenge: leave an extra generous tip at a restaurant or coffeeshop
– week 20 challenge: donate blood/join bone marrow registry
– week 21 challenge: visit a cemetery and pay respect
– week 22 challenge: practice a little patience
– week 23 challenge: call 3 loved ones on the phone
– week 24 challenge: do something kind for a senior citizen
– week 25 challenge: pay for someone’s public transportation

kindness collage
– week 26 challenge: volunteer at a food pantry or soup kitchen
– week 27 challenge: send a care package to someone in the military
– week 28 challenge: give at least one compliment every day
– week 29 challenge: do a favor for someone else
– week 30 challenge: scatter lucky pennies around a playground
– week 31 challenge: mail an empowering postcard
week 32 challenge: plant something
week 33 challenge: donate school supplies
– week 34 challenge: give a sandwich to a homeless person
week 35 challenge: compliment a salesperson to their manager
week 36 challenge: leave positive feedback
week 37 challenge: do a household kindness
week 38 challenge: let someone go ahead of you in line
week 39 challenge: write a kind note to a former teacher
week 40 challenge: return shopping carts
week 41 challenge: advocate for someone else
week 42 challenge: buy someone else’s coffee
week 43 challenge: deliver Halloween treats
week 44 challenge: send a card to the troops
week 45 challenge: do something kind for a veteran
week 46 challenge: be there for someone by just listening
week 47 challenge: brighten someone else’s Thanksgiving
week 48 challenge: spread the holiday spirit
week 49 challenge: give a warm drink to a toll-booth worker
week 50 challenge: donate a toy, ball or book to a child
week 51 challenge: reach out to an artist whose work touches you
week 52 challenge: forgive someone {perhaps yourself!}
final reflections & take-aways

30 thoughts on “kindness

  1. WHAT a FABULOUS idea! My friend shared a similar idea and I will get started tomorrow! Thank you, sweet Dallas! You keep us all tuned in when life keeps us whirling in circles!

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    • Thank you so much! 🙂 Yes, I really am blessed to have such amazing parents who taught me by example the important of gratitude and giving back. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment! You made my day.

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