my birthday wish + giveaway

Hi, friends, and happy Thursday! My 27th birthday is a week from today, and during the next week I’m planning to celebrate by doing 27 random acts of kindness! I’m really excited about it and will be sharing highlights and photos from all the acts of kindness next week, so stay tuned.

my birthday wish

In the meantime, I’d love to invite you to join in on the kindness! Just like last year, I’d love if you would create a random acts of kindness chain with me. To participate all you have to do is perform an act of kindness in the next week, and then leave a comment below sharing what you did.

On Friday, May 30, I’ll randomly select one winner from all the comments to receive a personally autographed copy of my collection of short stories, 3 a.m.

3 a.m. book cover

I’m so excited to hear about all the love and kindness you spread in the world this week! Looking for ideas of random acts of kindness? Here are 52 of them!

Questions of the day:

  • Have you ever participated in a kindness chain before?
  • What are your favorite ways to celebrate your birthday?

11 thoughts on “my birthday wish + giveaway

  1. I followed a link your dad put up on the Runners Streak Facebook page. My husband and I were driving through town when I saw a young man with potted flowers in one hand and a small shopping bag in the other. As he toiled up a hill in the heat I happened to see the small bag fall to the ground, but he had not noticed and just kept walking. I told my husband we needed to turn around and so my husband graciously did. As we approached him I rolled down my window and shouted that he had dropped the bag. He was so grateful. “It’s the card!” he said “It took me forever to find just the right one! Thank you”… and with that he ran down the hill and retrieved it. As we turned around again to continue on our way we drove past him. He was watching for our car…his face lit up when he saw us and he gave us the biggest wave. I smiled all day….it felt so good to have noticed and to have made a difference.

    • Thank you so much for following the link and visiting my blog, and for sharing this lovely story of kindness! A small act that obviously made a big difference to this young man. You warmed my heart!

  2. I donated blood today at a local center. A friend turned me on to blood donation a few years back and I have greatly enjoyed donating since. It does not work for everyone, but for me it has been an easy way to help people on a regular basis. The staff at all the blood centers I have been to are always so gracious and friendly, and it really makes me feel good to know how much my blood is needed for a sick child, or someone who has just been in a bad accident. What a great way to start the day!

    • This is such a meaningful act of kindness! I just saw an ad on TV yesterday by the American Red Cross about how one person’s blood donation can save up to three lives. This ad touched me personally because the father was speaking about how a blood donation saved his twin babies who were born prematurely:

      You’re wonderful! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this act of kindness and share it here. 🙂

  3. Wish I could take a photo of all the books I have that center around good deeds, acts of kindness, ways to help others-but thanks for a future blog topic. So, to answer your question, yes, and is one of my favorite sites to get ideas.

    Regarding birthdays-I’m a spa girl and just booked my 138th one to go to for my 45th in Victoria, B.C.-but my mom taught me to always do something nice for someone else on your birthday, so I usually donate to a charity or surprise one of my friend’s kids with a gift card. Something I recently read was about getting a dozen roses or whatever flower and handing them out to people on your birthday.

    I could go on and on! I thought it was one random act in honor of your birthday, but after seeing your Dad’s Facebook post it looks like I better get on it for TWENTY SEVEN! I like a good challenge and will let you know what I end up doing!

    Happy early birthday Dallas!

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  7. Do I need to do kindness acts just this week? Nay….it should be done everyday. When I came CA almost 11 yrs. ago- completely new place and felt like it’s going to be quite a ride, I met people- very kind people along the way who accepted me well. And now I am comfortable enough to do something to ease others, their worries or pain, I try to be there.
    May be just saying hi and asking about someone’s health/their family (believe me people appreciate), lending an ear to their worries/ problems and a hug, helping teachers (especially this time of year- crazy, crazy time), or putting water bowls out for birds can do wonders! These are a few to mention.
    Last week I saw a twenty dollar bill on the floor of a Grocery Store while standing in the checkout line. I picked it up and gave to the Manager as the very elderly Lady in front of me left then. The manager asked a helper to run and look out for her. She was not too far and got her bill. I was done paying and was coming out of the Store, I saw the Lady coming towards me and she held my hands and what she said next was precious to me: “Thank you so much. This is so honest and kind of you. God bless you”.
    I usually do not like to mention such things but if it meant to celebrate your birthday and getting your book with autograph, I’m game! Dallas, I must say celebrating your birthday this way is finding the spark inside and lighting others too. Keep up the spirit and have a wonderful birthday!

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