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Here’s info about my books if you’re interested in checking them out. If you have kids in your life, they might enjoy these! {And I’ve actually heard great feedback from many parents who love them, too!}

3 a.m.: a collection of short stories

This book was featured on the nationally syndicated PBS book talk show “Between the Lines” and includes a variety of award-winning short stories that are perfect for middle school and high school readers.

Here’s what reviewers and authors are saying:

“Woodburn is a very gifted writer whose work celebrates the beauty and humor of everyday life. She is able to merge different cultures and generations in a thought-provoking and lovely way.”
—Laurie Stolarz, award-winning author of the Blue is for Nightmares series

“The writing is so wonderful you’ll want to stay up reading until 3 a.m.!”
—Julia McGuire, The Hudson Valley Literary Magazine

“An emotionally resonant collection, dealing with the universal themes of identity, grief and love—with a little bit of humor thrown in as well. Dallas helps you recognize and appreciate the finer things in life.”
—Catherine Clark, best-selling author of Truth or Dairy

“Woodburn’s writing shines with both humor and poignancy. Her skillfully developed stories have amazing versatility. With characters that are human and tangible and extremely likeable—and details that make them come alive in a vivid and precise and utterly appropriate way—I couldn’t get enough of 3 a.m.”
—Randy Powell, acclaimed author of My Underrated Year

Dancing With The Pen: a collection of today’s best youth writing

I edited and published this anthology, which features short stories, essays, and poetry written by 65 young writers in middle school and high school from around the world. It rose to a #2 ranking on in the “literature anthologies” category in its debut week of release. It’s a perfect book for young readers, young writers, and the young at heart!

Here’s what reviewers, parents and teachers are saying:

“A massive variety of writings, each one bursting with youthful exuberance and wonderful imagination. If you’re looking for a fun and creative read, this book comes highly recommended!”

“It’s great to see kids who are utilizing their creative side and helping to make the world a more magical place. The stories they have created transcend age, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this collection!”

“Publishing so many diverse and interesting stories is sure to spark a lifelong love affair with writing within these kids. It is also a treat for us as readers, to gain an insight into what this upcoming generation is thinking and feeling.”

“There’s just something so honest and pure about stories and poems from a child or teen’s point of view. But don’t be mistaken, these are not amateurish writings; rather they are high quality written pieces from some very talented young writers. While reading the book, you’ll experience a gamut of emotions from laughter to tears and from surprise to awe. Some of the stories and poems are so wisely penned, I had to double check the ages of the writers in their short bios.”
— Debbie Glade, LA Parent Magazine

kids_with_pimplesThere’s a Huge Pimple On My Nose: a collection of stories and poems

I wrote, illustrated and self-published this book when I was in fifth grade. It went on to sell 3,000+ copies and was featured in the magazines Girl’s Life, CosmoGIRL! and Justine. The Los Angeles Times Book Review raved, “If you simply want to enjoy some remarkable writing, it would be hard to find a book more satisfying.” You can order a copy by emailing me at dallaswoodburn <AT> gmail <DOT> com.

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