take-out menu storage

Happy Friday! I have a quick and easy organizational post for you today.

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about my new stationary organization system thanks to a $1 accordian file folder I found at Target? I was kicking myself for not grabbing more of those folders … and then last week when I was browsing the clearance section I came across a stack of those very folders in various sizes! {score}

I grabbed a smaller one in a versatile black color because I had a hunch it would come in handy. Today, inspiration struck about how I should use it: to organize the various take-out menus cluttering up and falling off the fridge.

Like when I organized my stationary, this could not have been an easier project. All I had to do was take down all the menus from the fridge and slide them into the various pockets organized by different types of cuisine: Chinese, Thai, Mediterranean, Indian, pizza, burger/diner food, and dessert.

Last, I found the perfect place to tuck it away next to my reusable grocery bags, still within easy reach when I don’t feel like cooking and want to order take-out!

In fact … maybe I’ll kick off the weekend by doing just that!



Cost: $1.00
Time: 5 minutes

2 thoughts on “take-out menu storage

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