goals for the week of 11/25

Here’s how I did on my goals last week:

  • get up to 200 pages written of my thesis
  • start reading The Happiness Project for PBF Book Club {it wasn’t available at my library yet, but I did read 110 pages of This is Not Your City by Caitlin Horrocks, which is my book club pick for the month on here}
  • write Thanksgiving cards for loved ones
  • clean bathroom & vacuum
  • finish grading student work
  • post announcement for winter writing camp {www.writeonbooks.org}

And here are my goals for this upcoming week:

  • get up to page 210 of my thesis
  • submit online applications
  • finish reading The Happiness Project for PBF Book Club
  • wrap & mail Christmas presents
  • order Christmas cards
  • send Mike’s mom flowers as a thank-you for hosting us over Thanksgiving
  • use Groupons for Nature’s Pharm & Re-Usables
  • return items to Target
  • take donation box to Goodwill
  • get new windshield wipers installed on car
  • wash kitchen & bathroom floors
  • bake blueberry-oatmeal muffins

What are your goals for the week? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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