Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: organizing recipes


With so many great recipes out there — magazines, blogs, and don’t even get me started on Pinterest! — my recipe folder was getting a little out of control. Let’s be honest, it was pretty much a disorganized pile of recipes I’d printed or  torn out of magazines, shoved into a two-pocket folder, and then forgot about because sifting through the pile was too intimidating.

No longer! I finally got my recipes organized. There are many different systems that people use successfully, but mine was inspired by this pretty box:

recipe box

It originally held greeting cards, but I glued on a new label and ta da! Now it holds recipes!

It is a mini version of a file box. All I had to do was determine how I wanted to divide up my recipes, and then make labels accordingly. Here are the labels I ended up with:

  • Meal planning
  • Breakfast
  • Appetizers
  • Salads
  • Soup & chili
  • Side dishes
  • Pizza
  • Mexican recipes
  • Asian recipes
  • Italian recipes
  • Seafood
  • Meat & poultry
  • Cookies
  • Other desserts
  • Gift ideas {for food-related gift recipes}

I wrote the labels out on small pieces of paper and then paper-clipped them to the dividing tabs … I think the paper clips add a nice pop of color, and I also like that I can easily swap out the labels if I want to, allowing this organization system to grow and change along with me and my recipe stash!

recipe labels

I feel so much more excited to cook and try out all these new recipes! And my organization system is easy to add to with any new dishes I come across. This system is pairing well with my meal-planning whiteboard. My next goal: Sunday food prep! {Inspired by Lindsay @The Lean Green Bean.}

Here are a few other great posts about meal planning and recipe organization:

How do you organize and keep up with your recipes?

5 thoughts on “Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: organizing recipes

  1. I love your box, it’s so cute. But for me, the little slips of paper and paper clips would be a disaster waiting to happen, with little slips of paper mysteriously gone and paper clips popping out all over.

    • Thanks Amanda! Yeah, I can see that being a potential problem … I’ll have to check back with you in a few months as to how the labels are holding up! 🙂 I’m sure taping/gluing them on is an option, too! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

  2. what a cute box! i have a large crate with big binders in it. i have SO many recipes. the recipes are in plastic page covers… i have more than i can use in my lifetime! haha

  3. I like your system! If the paperclips get problematic, almost always has some kind of amazing deal on blank adhesive labels.

    We use a recipe binder made entirely from repurposed materials, which has been working very well for us. But we don’t put recipes into it until we’ve tried them, so there’s a stack of “recipes to try” held on the cabinet door with magnets…. I try to go through it every so often and consider tossing out recipes that have been there for a long time because that probably means we’ll never get around to trying them!

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