goals + meal plan for the week of 8/4

Happy weekend, friends! Hope yours is going splendidly! What have you been up to these first days of August? {Wow, can you believe how fast summer is galloping by??}

My weekend has been lovely and relaxing, filled with the usual weekend stuff: grocery shopping with Mom, cooking and baking, visiting Gramps, long walks with Mr. Mur-dog, church this morning. Also Friday night happy hour margaritas with the fam, fro-yo with extra Reeses toppings, jeans shopping at the mall {something I have been dreading and putting off for weeks, but I reeeaaally needed new jeans, and I emerged victorious with two new pairs of Levis, yippee!} And today we are driving down to USC to visit Greg for an early dinner! I am SO excited to see my brother and give him a ginormous hug! I miss this guy LOADS.

me and gb july 2013

Here’s how I did on my goals from this past week:
– finish YA manuscript first draft {I’m counting this one half-done; I still have to go back through the manuscript and make rough edits}
complete the #yearofkindness challenge
transfer all my jotted-down writing notes to the computer
volunteer at the Food Pantry
– finish craft project that I’m making for Greg {post coming soon!}
work-out/do yoga at least three times

And here are my goals for this upcoming week:
– finish rough edits on first half of YA manuscript draft
– complete the #yearofkindness challenge
– promote my College & Scholarship Application Prep Seminar & teach a successful class on Saturday
– volunteer at the Food Pantry
– work-out/do yoga at least three times {including my Weds. zumba date with Emily!}

Finally, here are some recipes I’m looking forward to trying out this week:
date-night chicken via PB Fingers
– mediterranean feta dip via The Pajama Chef
– pasta with pancetta & leeks via The Pioneer Woman
– zucchini paleo brownies via Fast Paleo
cilantro-honey salmon

What are your goals and menu plans for this week?

This post is linked up with Menu-Plan Monday.

One thought on “goals + meal plan for the week of 8/4

  1. Wow! I love how you have your goals all laid out. That’s a great idea.
    Don’t you just hate eating the same thing everyday? I know I certainly do.
    This is a wonderful time of year when many bloggers are sharing their summer harvest.
    My husband and I will be heading to the farmers market in a couple of weeks. He actually wants to try his hand at making pickles. It should be fun for both of us.
    Have a delicious week.

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