a year of living simply: week 13

Happy Wednesday, friends! {How is it already Wednesday??} I don’t know where this week is going! It’s been a good one for me so far, though. I’m excited because tonight, I’m getting together with my sweetheart for dinner and then we’re going to Berkeley to see a former professor of mine from USC give a reading from his debut newly published novel. Congrats, Viet! Can’t wait to see you and read your book!

Before then, I have a list of tasks to knock out on my to-do list, and some gym time on my agenda too. My PT appointments have been going well, and I’ve been cleared to use the elliptical, which I am way too excited about. 🙂 I see some low-impact jogging & jamming out to T.Swift on on my ipod shuffle in the near future!

In the meantime… simplicity!

year of living simply

Last week’s challenge was to set aside a small block of time every day to do something you absolutely LOVE. So often, we fill our lives with so much busy-busy-busy-ness that we don’t have any time left to do those things that bring us pure joy or contentment. But, more and more, I am learning that it is so important to make room for FUN!

Something that has always brought me pleasure and helped me relax is reading. I love reading. Especially when I’m not reading for an assignment or a book review or book club or because I need to return a book to a friend — I enjoy reading in those circumstances too, and I enjoy pushing myself outside of my reading comfort zone. However, there is a certain type of pure, childlike pleasure that washes over me when I am sinking into a book I love, with no deadline or obligation other than to simply revel in the reading experience.

This week, I made more time to read for pleasure. I read for twenty minutes, lying in bed, when I woke up in the morning, and it felt so luxurious. I read for half an hour before going to bed at night. One morning, I met a friend at a coffeeshop for a visit, and when she had to leave I stayed around for another hour or so, just drinking my tea and reading, as the sunlight slanted through the window and the cafe bustled around me. It was glorious. It was fun. It made me feel like i was on vacation. It made me feel refreshed.

books from Tania

This week’s challenge, in honor of Earth Day, is to pay attention to how much waste you produce and try to produce less. For example, instead of using Ziplock baggies to pack your lunch every day, why not invest in reusable glass containers? Pay attention to how often you rip a paper towel off the roll and throw it away barely used. Order a drink at a restaurant without the straw and cocktail napkin. Bring your reusable coffee mug to Starbucks. All simple things that if we all did, there would be so much less waste in this world.

This challenge was inspired by Lauren Singer, a 23-year-old blogger living in NYC who hasn’t produced ANY waste in two-plus years. Incredible! She also describes in that article how producing zero waste has given her a happier, simpler lifestyle.

Questions for the morning:

  • What FUN did you build into your schedule this week?
  • What is one thing you could do starting today to reduce the waste you produce?

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