a year of Wooden: week 10

Good morning, friends! How is your week going so far?

New week = new year of Wooden challenge! This month we are focusing on Coach Wooden’s creed to help others.

a year of wooden

  • January: Drink deeply from good books.
  • February: Make friendship a fine art.
  • March: Help others.

Last week, the challenge was to help a perfect stranger who has no way of repaying you. I corralled a few shopping carts in the parking lot when I went grocery shopping, left a big tip for my Starbucks barista, and tried to be an extra-kind driver by letting cars go ahead of me in traffic.

This week, the challenge is to help someone at work. This might range from helping a coworker fix a jammed printer, emailing words of encouragement, or praising a colleague to their supervisor. Or anything else that comes to mind — I’d love to hear your ideas!

kindness quote

Questions of the morning:

  • What is something kind a coworker has done for you?
  • What are you grateful for about your workplace?