toiletry organization

My bathroom is a space that gets cluttered quickly. I have tried storing toiletries in the cabinet under the counter — lotions, soaps, hair products, band-aids, cough syrup — but it inevitably becomes jumbled, things get knocked over, and it’s cumbersome to stoop down on my knees below my bathroom sink, looking for my hair mousse. So gradually products will migrate to my bathroom countertop, which makes it cluttered and hard to keep clean. Not to mention I’ll end up buying new bottles and boxes of products that I already have because they get lost in the back of the cabinet and I forget I have them. {Hello, three half-empty bottles of Pepto Bismol} Not good for my mental space OR for my wallet.

But recently I was over at my friend Katie’s for girls night and, while using her bathroom, I discovered she had hung a shoe organizer over the back of the door. However, instead of shoes, she used it to store toiletries. Brilliant! As soon as I got home, I decided to shamelessly copy her idea.

On Amazon I found an inexpensive shoe organizer with clear pockets, making it easy to see what is inside.

It arrived earlier this week, and last night I unpacked it from its packaging, slipped the included hooks into place, and hung it over the back of the door. Then all I had to do was take out my toiletries from their various storage places around the bathroom and slide them into their own respective pockets.

Hooray! Everything is neatly organized, and I even have some extra pockets to spare for any new toiletries I find/buy!

Do you have any special organizing tricks for bathroom supplies/toiletries?

Happy Friday!


Cost: $12.00
Time spent: 15 minutes

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