marvelous monday: the giveaway p.b.&j sandwich

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine was a whirlwind of grading, writing, helping out a friend by acting a bit part in her student film, going to an art museum in Indianapolis, and {oh yeah} a little bit of organizing! I have a couple small but fun projects I’m excited to share with you later this week.

For today, I was thinking of something I could do to make this Monday marvelous, and I remembered last Monday when I walked past a homeless man on my way to class. Back in my undergrad days at the University of Southern California I volunteered every week packing lunches to distribute to the homeless. That was my inspiration for today.

This morning, while packing my own lunch, I set aside an extra of each item: granola bar, apple, crackers. Then I made an extra p.b.&j sandwich:

I wrote a note that said, Hope you enjoy this p.b.&j sandwich for lunch! Have a great day! Then I slipped everything inside a plastic bag and took it with me on my way to class.

When I reached the homeless man standing on the same corner I’d seen him on last week, he asked, “Got a quarter?”

“I made this for you,” I replied. He seemed very surprised when I handed him the homemade lunch. It was a cold and windy day in West Lafayette today, but I felt warm from the inside-out with happiness.

I must say, it was the best Monday morning I’ve had in quite a while!

Have a lovely and loving week, everyone —
Time spent: 5 minutes
Cost: Nothing I didn’t already have on hand

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