pots & pans & cutting boards … oh my!

When I moved across the country from California to Indiana, I was fortunate to have some generous relatives who donated their gently used pots and pans and cooking supplies for my new life on my own. Then some friends moved away and gave me a bunch of their pots and pans, too. The result was a disorganized, delicately balanced heap that threatened to avalanche every time I opened the cabinet to get something out:

Yikes. Something needed to be done.

Then, I came across this neat organizer when I was browsing through some of my favorite organization blogs.

I love this product because it’s sturdy enough to hold heavy pans, and the slots are wide enough to hold multiple cookie sheets or cutting boards.

My first step was to take everything out of our pots & pans cabinet and sort through which ones I really like and use a lot. Items like the salad spinner, cake pan and large casserole dish I don’t use very often but still want to keep went into the storage closet. Other pots and pans I don’t use were put in a box to donate to Goodwill this weekend.

Next, I wiped down the cabinet and put the organizer into place. Then all I had to do was group cutting boards and pans together in the slots of the organizer and neatly place the remaining pots, strainers, pans, etc. around it. Here is the final result:

I am SO pleased! It is amazingly easy to find exactly what I need, and makes me a whole lot more inspired to cook at home rather than go for take-out. All it took was a little time and one $7.89 investment to make this cabinet go from stressful mess to happy space.

What are some of your favorite inexpensive organizing products?

Till soon,
Cost: less than $8.00
Time: 15-20 mins


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