flour & sugar storage

I am so excited to share my new flour and sugar containers with you today! {the ones I gave you a peek at on Wednesday}

I love to bake, but you wouldn’t know it just by looking through my disorganized kitchen cabinet of baking supplies!

I decided that this week was time for a change. Not just for aesthetic reasons, but also practical ones: it was cumbersome to open the plastic baggies I kept my flour and sugar in to try to keep them fresh. Flour and sugar would inevitably spill onto the counter, making a mess.

Thanks to some inspiration from some other organization bloggers, I decided to invest in pretty containers to keep my flour and sugar fresh and neat. I found these online at The Container Store. I chose the glass canisters because I loved the timeless look — my pantry shelves are not very tall so I planned to display the canisters on my countertop, and I wanted something pretty and classic looking.

I got an 80 oz canister for the flour and two 32 oz canisters for the sugar and brown sugar. I also like these canisters because they have wide enough openings to reach in with measuring cups and take scoops out.

Then today, after washing the jars with soap and water and letting them dry overnight, all I had to do was pour my flour and sugar {including my newly softened brown sugar!} into each jar and press down on the sealed-tight lids.

Now I’m more eager than ever to get baking! Stay tuned next week when I try out the new recipe I got for brown sugar/ cinnamon/ apple cookies!

Happy weekend,
Time: 15 mins
Cost: $22.00 ($9.99 for the 80 oz, $5.99 for each 32 oz one)

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