brown sugar bear <3

I like cooking in general, but I think my ultimate culinary love is baking. I simply love to bake. Banana bread, pumpkin pies, berry muffins, brownies, cookies, cakes — to me, baked goods are filled with care and sweetness and love.

I was going to bake banana bread the other night, but when I went to scoop out some brown sugar I had a problem: it was hard as a rock!

Ack! Would I have to toss it out and get a whole new package? It seemed like such a waste, and I hate to be wasteful.

After some online sleuthing, I found a solution: the Brown Sugar Bear!

The Brown Sugar Bear is a small terra cotta figure that promises to keep brown sugar moist {or bring rock-hard brown sugar back to life} if you soak it in water and then place it in your brown sugar container. You can also use it to keep salt, spices or crackers/chips dry if you dry the bear out in the oven first.

So my first step was the soak the Brown Sugar Bear in water for 20 minutes:

Next, I placed it in my package of unusable brown sugar and sealed it up overnight.

The next morning, it was like magic — my brown sugar was wonderfully soft again! So I poured it out of the bag and into my new container, and made sure to put my new magic Brown Sugar Bear on top before I sealed the lid on.

Isn’t the little guy adorable?? I could not be happier with this purchase!

Next week, stay tuned for a new recipe: brown sugar cookies! {It came with the Brown Sugar Bear and I can’t wait to try it out}

Meanwhile, on Friday I’ll give you the full tour of my new flour and sugar containers that you got a peek at today.

Time: 5 mins
Cost: $3.50

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