marvelous monday: guest post

Today I’m including below an excerpt from an email I received from my friend Rajiv in response to my original post on my idea for celebrating “Marvelous Mondays” every week:


Dallas, regarding your essay on Marvelous Mondays, here’s a thought : how about regarding each Monday as the start of a New Week?

Starting with that premise, we have :

  • Oh, if it’s a New Week coming up, perhaps I should make some resolutions for the New Week on Sunday (or earlier).
  • These resolutions will concretize the slice of my long-term goals that I want to accomplish that week.
  • This renewed commitment to my long-term goals will give me that extra carpe diem zest come Monday morning.
  • I will make my Monday Marvelous by taking a big bite out of my resolutions for that New Week, and by reminding myself repeatedly that I must actualize all my resolutions before the week runs out.

Happy New Week! Carpe diem!


Thank you, Rajiv, for these truly inspiring insights! I love your phrase “carpe diem zest” — that is something I want to aspire to every day!

Have a great week, everyone!

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