marvelous monday: fresh flowers

Happy Monday everyone! It’s summer and the sun is shining, the fireflies are out, the days are long. How can your Monday not be marvelous?

I think something that makes even an already-marvelous day even better is fresh flowers. How can you not smile when a flower greets you every time you walk past, like this sunflower my wonderful dad surprised me with?

Flowers are an easy way to make your place seem more organized, too! If your environment is feeling a little cluttered or drab, it’s amazing what a difference you can make by simply putting a load of laundry in the washing machine, a load of dirty dishes in the dishwasher, and a vase of fresh flowers on the kitchen table!

For an even better way to make your Monday truly marvelous, think of who you might surprise with flowers today, then go spread some cheer!

Coming Wednesday: an easy and delicious summertime recipe for blueberry pie. YUM!

All best,

2 thoughts on “marvelous monday: fresh flowers

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