fabulous friday #7

Happy Friday, friends! I am writing this at my grandparents’ kitchen table; we arrived back up north late Wednesday night. I miss my parents and brother and friends in Ventura, but it is nice to be back with my family and friends up here. I always try to think of that ache in my chest of missing someone as a blessing, because it means I just have so many people in my life to love and care about!

It’s always hard leaving Mr. Mur-dog because he doesn’t know why I’m leaving or when I’ll be coming back. Poor guy always gets upset when the suitcases come out of the closets. Apparently he’s been sleeping on my bed ever since I left. I’ll see you again before too long, little buddy!

Murray on bed

Here are 5 things I’m loving right now:

1. This gorgeous painting that my amazingly talented and thoughtful brother made for me for Christmas. It’s of the constellation Cassiopeia, a constellation featured in one of my favorite movies ever, Serendipity. This painting makes me think of watching that movie countless times with Greg {he’s such a sweet brother, watching chick flicks with me!} and the beautiful shades of blue night sky make me feel content and at peace.


2. Speaking of thoughtful gifts, Holly sent me this beautiful bronze sunflower barrette. I smile and think of her whenever I wear it!

sunflower barrette

3. My Grandpap’s iPod playlist. This morning, Frank Sinatra serenaded me as I ate my oatmeal. Doesn’t get much better than that! {Especially when my Grandpap sings along. Such a cutie pie!}

4. Running into familiar faces around town. I stopped by Starbucks to do some writing after yoga class yesterday {I’m hopping back aboard the yoga train after some time away and it feels SO great!!} … I was sitting there typing away at my little table when I noticed three women sit down at a table nearby. I recognized them immediately: some of my grandma’s friends! I waved hello and we had a nice chat. After living here for five months now, it’s exciting to finally be at a point where I run into people I know around town.

5. Inspiring bloggers. In particular this amazingly empowering body peace manifesto by Heather Waxman. And these helpful budgeting tips by Whitney @sometimes.always.never.


Questions of the day:

  • What do you have planned for this weekend?
  • What are you loving right now?

One thought on “fabulous friday #7

  1. i agree–it’s so great to live places long enough that you recognize people around town. hasn’t happened much here in nashville yet but i’m sure it will soon!

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