goals for the week of 1/12

It’s that time again…

weekly goals

Here’s how I did on my goals from this past week:
write 10 pages
donate purged clothes, books and magazines
complete first five chapters of copyediting project
finish rereading The Architect of Flowers by William Lychack
get together with three friends

And here are my goals for this upcoming week:
– write 10 pages
– go to two yoga classes
– take Charley in to dealership to be serviced
– complete three chapters of copyediting project
– finish reading The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander in time for book discussion group at church
– connect with two friends

Now I’d love to hear from you!

Questions of the morning:

  • What are your goals for this upcoming week?
  • What are you up to on this lovely Sunday?

3 thoughts on “goals for the week of 1/12

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