goals & meal-plan for the week of 2/24

How is it the end of February already?? Gah, this month always flies by SO fast … you’d think I’d be prepared for it by now! Alas, I am not. Every year, I pretty much stand on the sidelines and watch February race by while I call feebly after it, “Hey, wait for me!”

Anyone else feel the same way?

Here’s how I did on my goals this past week:

  • revise up to page 90 of my thesis novel {not quite to page 90 but am feeling really happy about the new pages I wrote this week!}
  • blog about Week 7 Act of Kindness Challenge & complete it myself this week
  • publish blog post about 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess {read my review here!}
  • finish grading papers for both classes
  • take old financial/health documents to the bank to be shredded
  • knit 25 rows of the scarf I’m working on
  • prepare for my presentation at The Louisville Conference on Saturday

I realized that last week I forgot to show you pictures of my newly purged and organized file box, cleaned out of all the old bank statements/health invoices/other expired documents which have now been shredded at the bank! WOO! Here is a belated picture, for no other reason than I was proud of myself for crossing this task off my list and wanted to share with you:

files collage

Here are my goals for this upcoming week:

  • revise up to page 100 of my thesis novel
  • blog about Week 8 Act of Kindness Challenge & complete it myself this week
  • finish reading Blackberry Winter for the PBF February Book Club
  • finish grading papers for both classes {yes, this is almost always one of my weekly goals because the papers just.keep.coming!} 🙂
  • go through & purge/organize giant box of office supplies in our closet
  • knit 25 rows of the baby blanket I’m working on

And here are a few recipes I am excited to try out:
crock-pot lentil sweet-potato soup
coconut-crusted chicken
asian peanut veggie dip
baked mango with brown sugar & cinnamon
whole wheat pumpkin scones with vanilla bean glaze

What are some of your goals and menu plans for the week?