goals for the week of 12/16

Wow, this week flew by! Mike is visiting and it has been so fun to have him here with my family. We’ve seen The Nutcracker, played lots of pinball, seen a comedy show, watched some movies, eaten lunch at some of our favorite Ventura spots {hello, Snapper Jack’s and Nature’s Grill!} and even spent a day at my alma mater USC.

This week I also was relieved to get my grades submitted, two big applications mailed, and taught another super fun Winter Writing Camp through my organization Write On!

Here’s how I did on my other goals this week:

  • send out newsletter about book drive and writing camp
  • finish & send the remaining post-grad applications
  • read The Zero by Jess Walter {instead I read through a bunch of old New Yorkers I hadn’t had time to read during the school year … I’ll get to The Zero this week!}
  • watch Christmas movies with Gramps {we’ve got this on the calendar for the upcoming week}
  • address and mail Christmas cards
  • get email inbox and computer desktop cleaned out and organized {started this but did not finish it all the way}

And here are my goals for this upcoming week:

  • throw a terrific bridal shower for my cousin Amanda
  • take cookies and holiday cards to the local nursing home
  • read The Zero by Jess Walter
  • watch Christmas movies with Gramps
  • finish getting email inbox and computer desktop cleaned out and organized
  • write goals for the upcoming year
  • work on short play to submit to festival

What are your goals for the week? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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