goals for the week of 3/16

Hi everyone! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far! I’m heading out to drop off my friend Michelle at the airport {I’m going to miss her a LOT while she’s gone the next three weeks for a work training! boo!} and then I’m heading out for lunch with this lovely lady and our men to try a new-to-me burger place called The Counter. Apparently they give you a clipboard and you get to select from all different choices of meat, cheeses, and toppings to build your own perfect burger. Here’s predicting there will be guacamole involved in my order. {And, knowing me, there will probably be guac on my face as well.}

But before I take off … it’s goals time!

weekly goals

Here’s how I did on my goals from this past week:
– write 15 pages {perhaps 15 was a bit too ambitious, but I did write a solid 10 pages, so I’m still counting it a win!}
submit three pieces to journals
– go to two yoga classes {I made it to three, hooray!}
finish reading The Empty House by Nathan Oates
– connect with three friends
take Arianna out for a coffee date

And here are my goals for this upcoming week:
– write 12 pages
– submit essay to Chicken Soup for the Soul
– go to two yoga classes
– finish reading through three lit journals from my AWP stash
– connect with three friends
– have a wonderful visit with my dad and Greg!!

Aaaaand, bringing back the meal planning… here are some recipes I’m drooling over this week:
black bean quinoa enchilada bake & spinach artichoke quinoa bake via Two Peas & Their Pod
paleo peppermint doughnuts w/coconut frosting via Davida @The Healthy Maven
strawberry chocolate-chip cookie bars via Sarah @The Pajama Chef
pretty much all of these things rounded up by Robyn @the real-life rd

Questions of the morning:

  • What are your goals for this upcoming week?
  • What recipes are you drooling over lately?

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