goals + recipes for the week of 3/30

Aaaaaand just like that, it’s Sunday again! And the end of March! Where does the time go?

My mom is here! My mom is here! ūüôā I’m so happy to see her. Yesterday evening we had a nice, low-key celebration of my grandma’s birthday with the fam. Tonight we are going out for a fancier dinner to celebrate.

grandmas bday

me and gma

The cake turned out wonderfully! It was a big hit! Confetti cake mix + white chocolate chips stirred into the batter + homemade cream cheese frosting + rainbow sprinkles expertly sprinkled by my cousin Bianca.

bday cake

Before I head off for the day, it’s time for goals!

weekly goals

Here’s how I did on my goals from this past week:
–¬†write 12 pages
– send out newsletter
–¬†go to two yoga classes {I made it to three! woooot!}
finish reading through three lit journals from my AWP stash
–¬†connect with three friends
bake an amazing cake for Grandma’s birthday! {perhaps¬†this one?}

And here are my goals for this upcoming week:
–¬†write 12 pages
– send out newsletter
–¬†go to two yoga classes
–¬†prepare for my Steinbeck Fellowship reading
–¬†connect with three friends
–¬†have a wonderful time with my mama in town!

And here are some recipes I’m drooling over this week:
these 3-ingredient recipes via Buzzfeed
–¬†black bean pumpkin soup¬†via Sarah @The Pajama Chef
–¬†crock-pot salsa chicken¬†via Danica¬†@It’s Progression
–¬†flourless pb & j snack cookies¬†via¬†Robyn @the real-life rd
pumpkin toffee chocolate-chip muffins via Two Peas & Their Pod

Questions of the morning:

  • How has your weekend been so far?
  • What are your goals for this upcoming week?
  • What recipes are you drooling over lately?

4 thoughts on “goals + recipes for the week of 3/30

  1. I can’t believe it’s the end of March already either. But I’m so glad it’s almost April and that means SPRING ūüôā
    I hope you had a great time at dinner tonight with your family, friend!

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