goals for the week of 5/4

Hi everyone! How is your weekend going? I hope you’ve been up to fun things! Last night after I finished working, Allyn and I went to dinner and a film festival in San Francisco, which was a blast! This morning I’m off to church and book club for a fascinating and important read, Behind the Kitchen Door, about inequalities in the restaurant industry. If you’re someone who eats out in restaurants even semi-frequently, I’d highly recommend taking a look at this book. It’s a quick read and will change the way you think about eating out.

And now… it’s time for goals!

weekly goals

Here’s how I did on my goals from this past week:
– write 12 pages
– finalize travel plans for the summer
send out three query letters
read up to page 350 of The Kitchen God’s Wife
– go to two yoga classes
– connect with three friends

And here are my goals for this upcoming week:
– write eight pages
– send out three query letters/submissions
– finish midterm evals of students
– finish reading The Kitchen God’s Wife
– go to one yoga class
– have an amazing time celebrating Julie + Chris’s wedding!

Questions of the day:

  • What was a highlight of your weekend?
  • What are your goals for this upcoming week?
  • What recipes are you drooling over lately?

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