dancing with the stars

Do any of you watch this show?

I’ve never really gotten into it before… until I saw a promo for Season 19 and saw this guy in the cast!

Tavis Smiley!

Longtime blog readers might remember when my dad was interviewed as a guest on Tavis’s radio show earlier this year to talk about his book Wooden & Me. My dad said Tavis could not have been warmer, more authentic and engaged; it felt like having a conversation with a longtime friend. I’m a fan of Tavis’s TV show on PBS and his books — including his latest book about Martin Luther King, Jr. — and now I have another show to watch! I thought he did a great job dancing and was cheering when he made it through the first round of voting last night. Woo hoo!

Here are some other odds & ends I wanted to share with you:

  • My ebook “Lost & Found” is available for FREE this week on Amazon! Grab your copy here {and please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested in an entertaining free read!}

CSS Home Sweet Home

Now I’m off to grab some oatmeal & green tea for breakfast before digging into work on a few writing/editing projects. Tonight I’m meeting Erica for dinner, which I’m super excited about. Have a great day, friends!

4 thoughts on “dancing with the stars

  1. I’ll admit to when I saw the DWTS I almost closed up the browser, but I was intrigued by why you watched the show. It does nothing for me, as handwritten letters may do nothing for another. You have a personal connection and that’s great. It’s not that I don’t like the people, it’s the format and “reality show” part that has me wanting to spend my time doing something else. I downloaded your book and put it in my queue of books to read-the other one I have thanks to you.

    I’ll have to read more about Teach For All…

    Nicole’s blog was great-a little long as the highlighted words that linked to another blog summed things up brilliantly.
    Onward with the week! Thanks for what you share Dallas.

    • Julie, I always love your comments! Thank you so much for reading. I completely relate to your feelings about DWTS — to be honest, I’m just planning to watch for as long as Tavis remains in the show. I am only interested in watching his dance routines, so I will probably have the TV on mute and be reading a book during the rest of the show while I wait for his segment to come on 🙂

      Handwritten letters do a lot for me! And many people, I think! Keep up the fabulous things you do. Super grateful to call you my friend.

  2. I LOVE this excerpt from Nicole Antoinette’s blog: “But, even though I knew what I wanted and why, something was still missing. You know what was missing? A true understanding of what benefit I was getting from checking my phone like that in the first place. Because that’s the thing: every “bad” habit you have is filling a need. Every situation you complain about is filling a need. And you won’t be able to successfully (and peacefully) make a change until you’re clear on what need you’re meeting with the behavior you want to get rid of, because it’s only after you’re aware of the need that you’ll be able to fill it in a healthier way.”

    Thanks for sharing, love! ❤ A wonderful blog post, as always. 🙂

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