goals + meal-plan for the week of 8/18

Happy Sunday, friends! Wow, I can’t believe it is already mid-August! There’s a part of me that wants to hold onto summer as long as possible, and there’s another part of me that has that pre-autumn excitement in my belly! {I LOVE autumn!} The excitement might also be due to the fact that I’m moving in less than a week!! Yep, on Friday I will be driving my little prius up to the bay. This week has already had some “lasts” of the summer: my last Friday volunteering at the Food Pantry; my last Friday Happy Hour margaritas with my parents; and this morning was my last sermon at my amazing hometown church until I’m home for Thanksgiving. Sadness, but also gratitude for the memories and joy for new adventures about to begin!

Of course will miss my family & this little guy a TON!

me and murbur

Here’s how I did on my goals from this past week:
finish rough edits on first half of YA manuscript draft
complete the #yearofkindness challenge
get together with two friends
create a flyer advertising my tutoring services
– clean out my email inbox {I’ll consider this one half-done}
volunteer at the Food Pantry
work-out/do yoga at least three times

And here are my goals for this upcoming week:
– complete the #yearofkindness challenge
– visit with three friends before I leave
– finish cleaning out my email inbox
– tie up any lose ends at home before I leave
– work-out/do yoga at least three times {including my Weds. zumba date with Emily!}
– have a safe & successful move up to the Bay Area!

Here are some recipes I’m looking forward to making this week:
– rad rainbow raw pad thai via Oh She Glows
– veggie-filled gluten-free lasagna via A Happy Lass
– peanut butter chocolate granola via It’s Progression {perfect road-trip snack!}
lemon bars for my Gramps
shrimp & sausage stew

What are your goals and menu plans for this upcoming week?

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goals for the week of 12/9

Looking back over my goals from the past week, I am filled with gratitude! I got my thesis manuscript submitted to my advisor, which is a big project I have been working on all semester. It was such a proud moment for me to click that SEND button and shoot it off to him. Hooray!

I also am feeling really happy with my Christmas progress. My goal was to buy and wrap all presents early so I can really enjoy the season with my family and loved ones instead of being stressed out trying to get everything done at the last minute. This week I finished up pretty much all of my Christmas wrapping! I still have a couple little gifts to buy, but for the most part, I’m all done. And it feels good!

Here’s how I did this week:

  • complete rough draft of thesis manuscript and submit to my advisor (!! this is a big one!!)
  • finish reading This is Not Your City by Caitlin Horrocks
  • wrap & mail Christmas presents
  • use Groupons for Nature’s Pharm & Re-Usables {decided to wait for the groceries until we’re back in Indiana!}
  • return items to Amazon
  • take donation box to Goodwill
  • get new windshield wipers installed on car
  • wash kitchen & bathroom floors
  • use or freeze all perishable food items before Mike & I leave for California on Saturday

And here are my goals for this upcoming week:

  • send out newsletter about book drive and writing camp
  • finish & send the remaining post-grad applications
  • read The Zero by Jess Walter
  • watch Christmas movies with Gramps
  • address and mail Christmas cards
  • get email inbox and computer desktop cleaned out and organized

What are your goals for the week? Feel free to share in the comments below!